Live and Invest in Portugal

Situated in the southern part of Europe and bordering the Atlantic, a country where you can easily find a wide range of landscapes and an ancient heritage. Portugal has about 92,000kms2 and ten million inhabitants.

A welcoming and tolerant population, social stability, reduced crime and rich gastronomy are a unique blend of qualities that have made Portugal a dream destination for many foreigners.

Portugal, a safe country, considered by many the best country to live in!

Why Lisbon?

One of Europe’s safest cities
Sustainable city
Great real estate potential
Atlantic port of Europe
Qualified and competitive resources

Lisbon is a portrait of what Portugal has best: social stability, gastronomy, mild climate, typical neighborhoods and monumental riverside area are enviable attributes of this City, accessible to those who visit us or those who are lucky enough to live, study here. or work.

Skilled, multilingual and highly competitive human resources make Lisbon the reference city for locating research and service development centers and corporate headquarters.

Lisbon currently has a very diverse, quality and competitive set of spaces and real estate.

The real estate market remains dynamic in the country and in order to continue stimulating this activity, Lisbon has in the last 5 years lowered its tax on real estate through the approval of a series of urban regulations. This stimulus is an additional factor for competitiveness, as well as reduced rates for urban rehabilitation works, which also have a wide range of tax incentives.

Lisbon, an attractive city for talent and investors.